Paint Protection Film



Llumar Paint Protection Film Overview (PPF/Clearbra)

The first scratch hurts the most. So prevent the pain and keep your car looking newer longer with one of highest quality, most durable clear bra paint protection films in the industry. High-gloss and virtually invisible to the naked eye, LLumar® Self-Healing Paint Protection Film shields your car from the damages of everyday driving. It’s the ultimate defense against road rash: rocks and pebbles, road debris, road salt and sand.

With best-in-class quality and clarity, LLumar Self-Healing Paint Protection Film has superior durability to stand up against the hazards of the road.

Protection where you need it the most:

With best-in-class quality and clarity, the overall durability of Llumar® Paint Protection Film helps shield the areas of your vehicle that are most vulnerable to damage such as:

  • Hood
  • Bumpers
  • Side-view mirrors
  • Fenders
  • Rocker Panels
  • Door edges, handles, and steps

Now is the time to protect your vehicle from the hazards on the road: 

Llumar® Paint Protection Film is up to 33% thicker than the leading competitor’s and offers the strongest defense yet when it comes to protecting your vehicle from nicks and scratches caused by road hazards like:

  • Rocks and pebbles
  • Road debris
  • Winter salt and sand

We also protect your peace-of-mind:

Llumar® Paint Protection Film is covered by a 5-year warranty and is professionally installed by factory-trained technicians at qualified dealers. To ensure the perfect fit, each piece is computer generated and trimmed precisely to your vehicle’s factory specs. Llumar® Paint Protection Film has the protection that’s a perfect fit.

Caring for your car is easy:

With Llumar® Paint Protection Film, you can wash, wax and care for your car just like you normally would. Whatever vehicle you drive – car, SUV, crossover or truck- Llumar® Paint Protection Film provides the best option for keeping your vehicle in prime condition.

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